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The Boy In Stripped Pajamas


The Boy In Stripped Pajamas is a very well written, and interesting book that I enjoyed reading a lot. It is written by John Boyne, an Irish novelist that has published many books. He has won awards-Bisto Book Of The Year. This booked of his I enjoyed a lot, and when I read about it, I felt like that I was trapped inside it wanting to keep on reading till the end. When I first saw the book I thought it was going to be boring and long, but after I started reading it shattered those thoughts.

So far we had not read a lot in the novel, but the plot of the story is already set. The book is about, how a 9 years old boy named Bruno lived in a wealthy family, along with a loving mother, a strike father, and a hopeless case who of course is his sister- Gretel. The family had moved to the country side, after Bruno’s father had the Fury over for dinner, and rose in ranks. Out in the country yard, Bruno soon discover that it was a base of a concentration camp, which he doesn’t understand the meaning of. It was really boring at in the country yard, soon Bruno found an enemy- Lieutenant Kotler. It was really hard to keep things loving at the new home, Lieutenant Kotler had continually teased Bruno, and called him insulting nick names that Bruno disliked. Bruno had missed home a lot, back at Berlin where they lived before. Things weren’t so still, and clam back at Berlin, the silence irritated Bruno very much, and he spoke to everyone one around the house, when he had a chance. It was hard times, and Bruno tired hard to keep himself together form all the disorder.

The Boy In Stripped Pajamas is a very interesting book, I enjoyed it a lot, and here are some moments of the story: I had enjoyed how in the story Bruno had fought with Lieutenant Kotler, every time how the story told how bad, and angry Bruno had felt. When the two of them fought, the author explained how Bruno felt in great details, and that made me understand a lot. Also, I enjoy how that the story wrote about the times where Bruno and his sister talked nicely to each other, each time it gave us clues and loving facts. I have friends that have brother and sister and I enjoyed they told me that they never had a nice conversation with their siblings. It is amazing, and interesting to read about how well 2 sibling get along. The third thing that I enjoyed about the story was of how that the author was able to write so much from such a slow climax where things are hardly interesting. I had not read an author that had such good writing skills for a long time.

I truly enjoy the book of The Boy In stripped Pajamas, how that the story was way more interesting than the last novel that we had read. I think that I there would be no better fitting book for a class to read and study together.

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Love is a stream of river flow sometimes rough and sometimes clam

Love is a mysterious thing brings you all you want something like a swing goes high and low gives you the lightest blow that would make you flow

Love  makes you want to cling to it may sting just don’t ever think of it plain

Love is something that you may pretend makes want to stand on your end every band are trying to explain it but in the end most fail

One day on earth I will melt down all gold everyone given birth worth to be loved

It’s a key to paradise but sometimes it makes you want to flee and cut your wrist to bleed

A simple turn of the sweet golden key it lights up smiles on peoples face makes you want to glee


Love is what gives me hope and help me to cope

Doors lead way in and out but it’s what you chose about what you doubt makes you want to shout

Makes me want to chill out love is beyond doubt

Loves makes you think everything is your fault but if you get passed it it’s the key to the vault

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Peom Hatred



Hatred is nightmare no fear just chuck it down like a beer

It’s like a something main guess that’s why you call it window pain

Hatred has no care it’s like falling off the stairs you cannot bear don’t share it just wear it

Hatred is nightmare no fear just chuck it down like a beer

Toss it in the air it’s not fair it stare at everything that u wear swear you have no tear or you will not be spared

Your plane can not change lanes just bear the pain

Hatred is a nightmare no fear just chuck it down like a beer

It’s something main guess that’s why you call it window pain

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I cant wite poetry


I can’t write a poetry

I can’t write a poetry

I fell, I bleed , I need ideas but I can’t think of poetry when I bleed

The world is spinning around me I can’t write when a kite is flying around me wanting to fight me

My garbage can is full can’t take any more crumbled paper cuz man I can’t write a poetry when I’m full of metal marble

I’m so thirsty sour throat flour goat

I can’t write a poetry

Headaches came one after another cuz mother my brother is annoying me for hours like an owl calling for foul

Snowflakes caught my eyes like earthquakes fought my lies

I can’t breath, can’t stop sneezing making everything look like anything

Time’s up! Oh no!

You like it?
I know I’m the best out of all the people

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There was nothing but fear in my eyes, horror flooded into my body and mind. Would I ever survive this? What was the point maybe this would be my last glance at the world? I was afraid I felt like an empty shell unable to face the danger ahead. It was a fine sunny day, however inside was rotten. I pulled up my neck tube over my mouth and googols over my eyes, and stood there stared out at the open sky as the sun lazily peered through the clouds. If it wasn’t for my friend Patrick I would have never came here, now I stood there hundred feet above ground level, facing a task that might take away my life.

There may have been a lot of dangerous thing that I had experienced. However, there was no one to help me now, no one to watch over my back when I fall or break a leg. I couldn’t push myself to go down the trail and accomplish one of the most ridiculous things that I have ever done. I had been skiing for two years now and had advanced to one of the highest level in skiing, but I couldn’t push myself down the black diamond trail. The plain view of high bumps and steep hill scared me by far, I knew that there was no way to back up from the danger ahead, there was no further short cut or anything. Skiers and snowboarders flew by me as I stood there staring down at the hill that had taken many lives away. I felt stupid standing there in front of a trail as many other hooted by me leaving me in dust. Patrick stood some distance beside me kept yelling comments to hush me on down the hill. I felt ever so scared out of wits, beats of sweat trickled down my cheeks. I thought of all the good memories and happy things that I had in myself told myself even if I did die I would have died knowing that I had lived a happy life. I have friends who watched my back, people who cared about me, and great achievements that I have done in my 11 years. Within that I pushed myself forward with my poles and speed of the hill followed tightly by Patrick. Down the hill I went trilled by snow that was drifted up by my skies.

If only I could go back in time I would have never went there down that trail that I knew was out of my limits. However, sticks and stones can break my bones but memories and happiness would always never drift away from my mind. Handling my speed was easy however the extra long skies that towered over my head were impossible control. Twist turns were taken as I desperately tried to survive from falling down. I gained more and more sleep as I went down the hill over the bumps that were set there. My already tired leg was pained from my poor skiing. The tips of my skies kept overlapping each other. I was so lack of confidence I almost collapsed under the weight of my backpack. The trail continued on forever and I just couldn’t see the bottom of the hill. I skied with all my skills trying all I can to survive. However the more I skied the more comfortable and better I got, soon before I knew it I was flying through the whole field of black diamond trail using all the jumps and bumps. For the first time I skied through something so hard with complete comfort and I was full of excitement. The speed of my skies became more and more swift and fast. It was like I was borne to ski, even Patrick how had been skiing ever since he was 5 had trouble following my speed and trail. I took all the jumps possible and enjoyed the full impact of speed and the fantastic view of the city below. Freedom and relaxation took over the of the stiff body of mine. Everything felt so awesome and smooth. This I show I rule…….

Ever since that day of skiing on the second highest trail possible on the mountain I felt really happy of myself. I felt like there was nothing better that I have accomplished. I learned even though there was a problem always face it, other than run away from it because there always no short cuts. I might have been nervous and scared but in the end I got what I wanted- sweet victory and the proudness telling others I can go on one of the second hardest trail on any mountain.

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Billie Joe Armstrong


   Billie Joe Armstrong

Have you ever admired someone so much, that you wish you could become just like him when you grow up? Loud music boomed into my ears from my earphones, as I played along on my guitar. I was listening to Green Day, my favorite band of all time. Most of all, I loved hearing the singing of the lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, pounding away at his guitar.

Billie Joe Armstrong has been a successful person that I looked up. Many people think that childhoods are golden and enjoyable, however not all people have the same experience especially not Billie Joe Armstrong. When Billie was only ten and had just started his guitar lessons, the news of his father dying of esophagus cancer came. Soon his father passed away, leaving wife with six children to look after. The following times were rough and painful. The Armstrong family had to scrimp and save up penny by penny. To his credit, Billie did not give up, he saved up money and continued his guitar lessons. By the age of eleven Billie found his soul mate, Mike Dirnt who shared the same hobby as him. Together they grew up, and created their own band. The Sweet Children with several others guys and became rich and famous in Canada. Only later did they change their name to Green Day, when Tre Cool joined the band to replace the old drummer. Moreover, that was only the beginning. Soon Billie found himself travelling around the world and earning millions of dollars. Not all childhoods are golden but Billie Joe Armstrong tried desperately to climb out of the darkness to become rich, popular and successful. 


At the age of ten, little Billie started his guitar lessons, and after thirty years of practice he became an expert at guitar. Since he is a guitarist and a singer, he owns a million dollars guitar which is specially made for him. Playing guitar is one of the greatest achievements that Billie had ever made in his life.

Famous and successful people are not always joyful as in the case of Billie Joe. He had already faced many heartbreaking situations which caused many bittersweet memories. It was only thirty years ago when Billie Joe Armstrong’s father passed away and was gone from his life forever. It was just when Billie Joe’s family started to become richer than the average people, before his dad died because of cancer. At first none of his family member believed the news. However, the truth was there and a few weeks later his father passed away. Well, not all things are sad in Billie Joe’s life. For example, at grade five he met his soul mate at every pine elementary school. They found that they shared the same hobbies and common interests. Soon Billie found himself walking through his childhood with Mike Dirnk. They went to concerts together, and around the age of fifteen, the two of them gathered some members and started their own band called “The Sweet Children”. Later on they changed their name to “Green Day”, when Tire Cool joined the band and replaced the old drummer. Time passed by quickly, their band became popular and famous. On that day when Billie was twenty four he met his love Adrienne Armstrong on a sunny day of July, at his rock concert. When Adrienne Armstrong came and asked him for his album of songs, at that moment Billie found his love. However, their relationships didn’t last long, distance was the main challenge, they broke up after some months. Until one day Billie Joe Armstrong found himself with Adrienne once again and after that moment, they decided to be together, soon the two of them became engaged and married. There had been many things in Billie’s life that he had experienced, and out of all the heartbreaking situations, he walked out of it and became a successful young man. He also devoted himself into charity activities. He has a never giving up mind and a brave heart which made him strong. That’s what made him so rich, so powerful and so well known and that’s what made him so successful

Billie Joe’s braveness and never giving up spirit made him a great person and hero in my mind. Who knows maybe someday I will grow up to be like him?


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Famous person


        Do you know a successful person that you are inspired by him or her? The person in my mind is Billy Armstrong-the lead singer of the band Green Day. I’m inspired by him because of the fame that he got even though he started in the dark.

       Billy Armstrong’s family wasn’t famous or rich, in the matter of fact he started in a poor family of Canada. His dad was a bus driver and the family was always running out of money. Billy Armstrong however was inspired by music. The family used up a lot of money to support Billy to learn guitar. Then at the age to ten something terrible happened Billy’s dad- his dad died for cancer. The family stooped using extra money for extra stuff like Billy’s guitar lessons. So Billy grew up as a normal boy and soon a friend that enjoyed the same band as him and they grew up as best friends. When they grew up the two of them (Billy and Mike) and some other teenagers mad up a band and became famous.

      For me a successful person is a person that has money and fame and my favorite band and singer Billy Armstrong fit in both. Billy is famous successful, kind, rich and he has a perfect voice for a guitarist and for that he is my favorite successful person.

      Go Green Day the best band ever!!!!

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The leaves rattled in circles in the chilly night, the lights  flickered as I looked out of the tent. The night was as silent as a ghost, wind rippled through the forest sky. Trees swayed from side to side, baring down at me casting shadows that could represent anything. My friends tent was a few yards away from mine and for a second I thought about waking them up. The weather was good outside for a the last days so my friends and I decided to camp out for a while. However the weather turned bad just after a few days of camping out. The wind ripped across the ground, making everything sway and lean.

     It was cold outside and everything seemed so ghostly and scary. The shadows of trees and rocks seemed to change shapes and size. For the first time in my life I felt scared, I wished that I was back at  my home and  in my cozy bed and watching TV or texting my friends. I pulled some cloth on top of my pajamas, took my flashlight  and stepped out my tent. Under the light of my flashlight  I walked to the side of the camp fire that only left  the cold blackened camp fire wood. The camp site was deserted and no one seemed to be around but me. The tents of everybody flattered and made loud sounds of plastic rattleding. I knocked on the of my best friend Patrick and after a while his rat nest of hair came out and he looked at me with his sleepy eyes.” Wake up man, lets walk around the campsite.” I said ”What time is it?”Patrick asked ”Mid night bro” I answered ”What!!! come on Jeff you know better then waking me up at this time” Patrick yelled and jumped back his tent. So I went back to my tent and before I knew it I feel asleep………

       Man, what a good time, was my last thoughts.

       I was woke up next morning by my mom. ”Jeffrey you are running low on time your friends are waiting for you outside for camping”. She said ” Awwwwww” I said as I covered my head with my pillow.

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Fencing is one of my favourite sport of all times. I do fencing twice a week and I enjoy it very much. I had been fencing fore almost a year now and I enjoy nit very much. I started at a club, every since I had made many friends. The club is divided into many sections-Beginner, Novices and Experienced. Right now I’m in Novices and I’m one of the most experienced fencer among all. I’ve trying hard to reach the next level, even though I’m the best fencer in my level, but the teacher still hesitate when I ask him to put me into the next level.

Over the time I made many friends and every time I go to fencing practise I’m always invited with warm welcome. However, fencing isn’t just all about meeting up with friends, when the warm up is over I stop chatting and focus really hard on practising. Fencing take up very intense focus so I put in all my effort. Pain would come as I fencing form being pocked or doing different stand, however I just ignore it and tell myself that if I want to become first this is Key.

I really enjoy fencing, I have been in you enmany tournaments and won some medals. Soon I’ll be going to one on Seattle. I can’t wait to do it. In the next few practise remaining I will be training hard and hop for a silver to win. So wish me luck, and please continue to read my blog. Hope you enjooy my blog!!

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The fire flickered under the summer night sky, campers huddled around the orange red growing campfire and sang along. I could still remember the distant singing around the camp fire at ”Scout Canada”. And that is one of my favourite memory of all time. It was under the sweet summer night of July, when thirty campers gathered around at a warm growing fire. I sat with my friends as we sang along-Andy, Lyris, Matthew, Victoria and me. We sat shoulder to shoulder, staring at the warm red fire as it danced around the campfire pit. It was only a few weeks time since the five of us met, but we acted like brothers and sisters now. That night there was something special, we all knew that it would be the last night that we would sit around this campfire. As usual, we sang the campfire songs that we had done every night. But it was never the same, all the camper’s voice wasn’t as loud and cheerful as before, the singing was tender and sad. i stared at the red fire cracking as we sang, my shoulder was pressed against Victoria’s as we sat together. Soon, quicker than I imagined, the campfire time was over, all the champers stood up and sang the most melancholy song of all.”Shallow my friends, shallow my friends. Till we meet again, till we meet again, shallow, shallow.” I looked around the circle of friends that I had made, all of them seemed awesome and friendly. The time at camp felt so short, I wish I could go through the great times we had together again. I turned and looked at my closest friend-Lyris, Andy, Matthew and Victoria. Seeing the sorrow on their face, it made me wish that I could enjoy the exciting game of ”Man Hunt” with Andy again; that I could once again have small chats with Matthew and Lyris. Last of all, I wish I could chat with Victoria again and help each other in games that we played at camp. Their characters were still so vivid in my memory: Matthew, who was always a great person to talk to; Andy was very active, without him I would have lost many games that we played at camp. Lyris was kind and helpful, and Victoria was there when I needed help, her kind chosen of words made everything seemed so relaxed. ”Till we meet again till we meet again, shallow, shallow.” The campers sang. Cabins after cabins were called to leave the camp fire for the next activity, and once my cabin was called, I left the camp fire, knowing that I would never see it again.

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